Hello! This project has now moved onto being a feature film, and so it has gone through an exciting maturing process and is now being worked on in treatment stage. For those people interested in seeing how it was being explored as a TV series do look below – scroll down – at the various work we did over the months, thank you to all involved. The project has proved popular and the talented comedian Jessica Hynes was met in London and says she is a big supporter. It is important now to find comic talent to write with and so the bare bones of the ideas. We’d love to find comic talent from Wales or the west country.

It now follows, as a feature film, three dead murder victims, Corrine, Alyssa and Geri. Corrine being the central character in this ensemble and hers is the key drive that pushes the narrative forward.

Jan 2017! We have a video – just keeping you updated

Nov 9th 2016

The focus recently has been on writing the pilot script and on getting the Antlers ready for the shoot of the scene with the character Sabrina (Suzie Preece), which will happen in 2017. Please take a look at the most recent images of these Antlers here on this link (Antlers 2) tab:  https://swotblogblog.wordpress.com/antlers-2/

We are having a read-through of the pilot script on 2nd Dec at the tobacco factory in Bristol. Whilst only a limited amount of people can be in the room we will get a poster signed then and we will be having drinks after it in the downstairs bar at 6.15pm. This read through is just with the first draft, and will be taped for development purposes.

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We also hope to entice Alice Lowe (see below) from SIGHTSEERS along to the day to read for the character Bethany. She is interested so we are just waiting to hear from her!!


Oct 2016: This is a really important radio post to listen to!!: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07wtggz

Sept 2016: Welcome to the blog, set up to communicate about SOMEWHERE OUT THERE and what we are doing next! SOMEWHERE OUT THERE is a dark comedy that challenges views about how certain types of women are represented on the screen.

We have raised a small amount of money and Rachel Tillotson (writ/dir) has now also attracted a talented producer to the project. Ohna Falby who is based in London. This is a website on her: http://lifetolivefilms.com/about/

Ohna is keen for this idea to move to a pilot or a short film so that we can explore its potential as a TV series. This means that many of the scenes will be incorporated into this short, once further funding has been made. However Rachel is also keen to use the fundraising money to shoot one scene at least, and who else but for Sabrina Fitzgerald, the antlers character. So there will be a discussion about how to do this in the next weeks, and what else needs planning. See images of this make up (paid for by you the fundraisers!!) below at this talented place: http://maximalfx.com/

So a 25-30 page script is now needed to be written, which may well (watch this space) be sent to actress Alice Lowe, to see if she is keen to be involved. I (Rachel) will be updating this blog now and then, to keep in touch with you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the email address that is on the main page at the top right

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